• The Red Wheelbarrow Poetry

The Red Wheelbarrow Poetry Prize 2021 Shortlist

Made Way

Jayne Bauling

Made way a thousand greens

sharp in spring, then mellow,

that dressed the hills, lopped

chopped, a brutal felling,

ancient roots wrenched from soil

by machines that screamed –

made way for stripped brown slopes

spiked with a thousand-thousand

macadamia saplings.

Made way bushbuck and duikers,

all shades and many sizes

of mongoose, and vervet monkeys fled

before the push to prosper;

made way a steep bank

where bee-eaters nested,

made way forest buzzards and fish eagles

bereft of tall trees, their absent calls

a gaping silence.

Made way.

JAYNE BAULING is best known for her YA novels which have won several awards, with two being DBE-approved school set-works. She also writes short stories and poetry, and contributes stories to FunDza Literacy Trust. Her latest YA novel Smoke Across the Sun was published in June 2021. Find her on Twitter @JayneBauling and Facebook as Jayne Bauling Writer


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