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Old Man Bhamjee

Updated: Jun 9

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee

Papa passed away so fast

I only found my tears at the funeral.

That old man was too cool.

You should've seen the pictures

like some David Carradine in the dust

Wild Bill Hickock with a soccer ball

that Bhamjee could shoot.

And on big nights and holy days

when every good Muslim

asks everyone for forgiveness

Papa would say “agh it’s alright”.

He live full and he lived quick

a heart beat to the pace of a winning horse

a thousand devils’ hooves on his tongue

like when he met that niqabi aunty

told the whole room they went way back

used to jive-jive at Chez Gay

Of course no one could see her blush.

Ah Papa, I see you now

waiting for the reckoning

and it’s going to be fine

because Allah’s going to say

“agh Bhamjee, it’s alright.”

Featured on 25 March 2021


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